Grau mural and seating from the first floor, teatro heredia, cartagena, arts and culture
Inside the Teatro Heredia, Cartagena, Colombia | Photo courtesy of Joe Ross via Flickr

Colombia is steeped in sunshine and stunning cities which makes this the perfect place to play. Colombia also boasts a rich culture and diverse arts scene, so culture vultures are sure to be in their element here. Let’s take a look at some of the top destinations in Colombia that are just waiting to be discovered for an enlightening cultural experience.

San Andres Island

The enchanting tropical island of San Andres can be found off the coast of Nicaragua and is a popular holiday spot among Colombian tourists. Most people travel here to spend time on the beautiful sandy islands and natural zones, such as Johnny Cay Natural Regional Park, while events such as the Green Moon Festival offer insight into the island’s Caribbean influences with unique dances to enjoy and cuisine to sample. The island boasts a number of excellent hotels to choose from, with Hotel Casablanca and Sol Caribe Campo among the top options. If wandering is your style, you’ll appreciate the juxtaposition of Latin culture with traditional English Caribbean architecture.


This colourful city was originally established as a Spanish colony and can be found in the department of Bolivar. Visiting Cartagena is a great way to discover traditional Colombian culture, with the Heredia Theatre being one of the main cultural centres here. This is a great place to take in plays and dance performances, while many of the most popular bars and resorts in the city offer Latin dance performances and other types of traditional entertainment. Sofitel Santa Clara and Charleston Santa Teresa are the two largest and most popular hotels here and both boast excellent facilities such as luxurious spas, excellent restaurants and large swimming pools.


Colombia’s second largest city is a vibrant place to spend a little time, and the arts are really celebrated on a grand scale here. The International Tango Festival in Medellinhappens in the month of June and attracts the leading tango dancers from around the world, while one of the world’s most celebrated poetry festivals is held here in July. El Pablado is the city’s most desirable district to seek accommodation and leading hotels include Hotel Intercontinental and Hotel San Fernando Plaza.


Bogota is the capital city of Colombia and is located in the heart of the country at a heady 2,598 metres above sea level. This vibrant city consists of an eclectic mix of modern high rises and colonial buildings, and highlights here include Museo del Oro, which is said to be the best museum in all of Colombia, the Jardin Botánico José Celestino Mutisbotanical garden and the church of Iglesia de San Ignacio. The Avenida Septima is pedestrianized on Friday and Saturday evenings, and visitors can watch traditional street entertainment here, while the Iberoamerican Theater Festival is the biggest theatre festival in the world and is held in April. B.O.G. Hotel is one of the best places to stay in the city as it comes complete with a health spa and a wide range of other amenities.

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