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For those seeking an extraordinary and unforgettable travel experience, Tibet may be just the ticket for you. It is a country well known for its spirituality and stunning Himalayan topography. When people think of Tibet, the first image that comes to mind is snow-covered mountains and traditional Buddhist monks. Tibet conjures an image of history, religion and landscape that, mixed together, creates a unique travelling experience.

If you’re thinking about travelling out to Tibet, then you’re in luck, because there’s a great host of places to visit and see during your visit. One of the must-see places when you arrive is the Potala Palace. It is representative of everything Tibetan, and includes a collection of items relating to the country’s history, culture and religion. Its pearly white and blood red appearance makes it a sight to be seen, and is well known for the various sculptures, murals and antiques found inside.

Enjoy shopping? If retail is your thing, why not experience it in a whole new fashion with a visit to Barkhor Street. Located in Lhasa, you will find a range of Tibetan and Nepali souvenirs to take home from one of the many street vendors. Don’t pay the top price, though, the vendors expect a good haggle from you. While here, you will also see many pilgrims in this area as they flock to the nearby Jokhang Temple. This temple is a vocal point for the Tibetan people and is the most sacred temple in Tibet. Well worth a visit.

Of course, no visit to Tibet is complete without going to see the most famous mountain peak in the world. Mount Everest’s Base Camp is a popular tourist destination and an unmissable opportunity to witness the spectacular view of this larger-than-life mountain. It is a great adventure to be experienced by all, but not one for the faint-hearted. With soaring heights and altitude sickness being a common experience when at base camp, think twice if you’re not the daring type.

Naturally, any visit to a foreign country should be prepared for, and a trip to Tibet is no different. It’s a very cold country so it is absolutely essential that you have thick clothing to handle the frosty weather which can easily be purchased from many places online. Thick coats and even snow gear are recommended to handle more extreme weather conditions. Waterproof gear is also advisable. Make sure you have your own toiletries as hotels don’t often stock these items, and travel insurance is a must. Due to the high altitude you will experience in many parts of Tibet there is a chance you may experience altitude sickness. If you are very susceptible to this you may need medical support which without insurance will be very expensive. If you suffer from any medical problems this may increase the likelihood of getting altitude sickness and therefore taking out travel insurance which takes into account your illness is important. Just type online travel insurance medical conditions and you will find a policy which suits your needs.

If you’re one of the more adventurous types, making sure you have the right equipment for any long treks you may take. Having a compass and guide on you is a cert. So is having food, drink and a First Aid kit should you get lost. Most of all, keep an open mind and respect the local cultures. You’re in another country with rules that their own rules, which need to be obeyed. Check this website for more info.

That being said, Tibet is a beautiful and fascinating travel experience, one we hope you will enjoy.

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