Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath, London
That is London – the view from Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath

Ignoring the jet lag, I skipped out of the house at 9:30 to use Frommer’s “Iconic London” suggested itinerary for visiting the typical tourist sites. Frommer’s lays out a plan thus:

Start: Tube to Westminster.

Begin your tour with one of the country’s most potent icons… As you emerge from Westminster Abbey, you confront the symbol of the nation’s political power:

The Houses of Parliament & “Big Ben”

The descriptions are slightly grandiose and it continues like this for twenty destinations but it had a decent route (except for the confusing Go to Trafalgar Square then to Buckingham Palace then to Leicester Square – silly). I only made it through about half the sites because my camera died and I spent the pounds I had with me on an amazing jumpsuit so I figured I should return to my dwelling for lunch.

Big Ben and Portcullis House, London
Portcullis House, London Eye, Big Ben

I started here followed by a walk around the outside of  Westminster Abbey. Walked down Victoria Street and then over to St James’s Park and Buckingham Palace. It was filled with people and I had no idea why. The Queen was home? Turns out it was the Changing of the Guard…

Buckingham Palace, Changing of the Guard, The Mall
Changing of the Guard – on The Mall

I explored Green Park a little bit, which is nice. There is a memorial dedicated to troops from Canada and Newfoundland who came to help Great Britain during the war.

Green Park, London
Green Park across from Canada Gate

I walked up The Mall and emerged at Trafalgar Square. I checked out the National Gallery. I dig it.

The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square
The National Gallery from Trafalgar Square

I then got lost trying to go Leicester Square, which wasn’t that interesting but I did check out some really cool shops like Magma around the Seven Dials and then over at Covent Garden market. If I hadn’t already spent my lunch money on clothes, I probably would have ended up spending it on cupcakes and chocolate and deliciousness. This is London insofar as it being the places people often think about when others say London, but I highly doubt these are the places actual Londoners spend the majority of their time. It’s expensive. And touristy.

Tonight—doing my favourite thing to do in any city ever—going to the theatre to see critically acclaimed play Chimerica at the Almeida Theatre in Islington!


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