Okay, I rarely – if ever – post this kind of stuff on my blog. I’m not even sure where to categorize but I just HAD to do it. Grey’s Anatomy is back tomorrow for Season 11 and I literally just finished watching every. single. episode. For the second time.

I once wrote that I might love Grey’s Anatomy more than my boyfriend:

Confession about love, Festival of Love
Can you blame me? It’s been 10 years!

Two women who saw me pinning it to the wall at the Southbank’s Festival of Love agreed with me.

I tear up when there are difficult moments – like when Lexi dies and when Cristina and Meredith had their final ‘dance it out’. I feel proud when someone does something awesome, like when Alex got offered the fellowship  at Johns Hopkins. I get the warm fuzzies every time they play the Derek & Meredith music – the sparkle music. Seriously, I never noticed the sparkle music until I started watching Grey’s in rapid succession. I will genuinely miss Sandra Oh’s character because she was awesome. I just have to say: THANK YOU for not killing her off. I think I never would have watched the show again.

In any case, I wanted to share this hilarious bit of stock footage I caught grace à Netflix:

eaton's centre greys anatomy s7 e8 - callie an crisitina go to mall

In Season 7, episode 8 Callie and Cristina go the mall – I think Callie cuts her hair and Cristina decorates Burke’s old place – they do this quick shot (17:52) of the mall in ‘Seattle.’ Except that’s not Seattle, it’s the Eaton’s Centre in Toronto! I know it’s just stock footage, but I did wonder: if I was at the mall that day, could I technically say I was in Grey’s Anatomy?

That would make my LIFE.


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