Hey! I’m working with Hipmunk as a blogger ambassador on their #CityLove campaign. I’ve been freelance writing for their site and was lucky enough to learn and write about some amazing places and share them with you here. It turns out Anchorage is seriously cool. Enjoy!

Besides a thick down coat and a tolerance for the cold, one of the most important things you need for a trip to Anchorage is an adventurous spirit. Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska, home to 98% of America’s grizzly population and the most coffee stands per capita in the country.

While the city is known for its wilderness, mountains, and glaciers, Anchorage is the urban center of Alaska with a lively nightlife and growing arts scene.

Anchorage – A Great Place to Grow Up an Artist

Image via Flickr by dougbrown47

Anchorage’s beautiful landscapes and unique culture inspire creativity at every turn. If you’re lucky enough to be in Anchorage on the first Friday of the month be sure to join in with the hundreds of Anchorageites who attend the First Friday Art Walk.

The monthly event will take you around the town meeting artists and seeing their work in a variety of venues from galleries to coffee shops. If you won’t be there for a first Friday, there are still hundreds of public art pieces to see around the city. Be sure to stop by the corner of Mt. View Drive to see the 52 Faces community art project.

Embracing Hipster Culture in Anchorage

Image via Flickr by anchoragedowntownpartnership

With independent shops, local breweries, and artisanal bakeries gaining significant followings, the area is quickly growing into a hipster haven.

Craft beer is big in Anchorage and it’s delicious – probably on account of their crisp, fresh water source. For microbrews, homemade root beer and locally sourced seafood, head to Glacier Brewhouse. It’s a restaurant and microbrewery rolled into one.

Hipster culture has been embraced in the Spenard neighbourhood where you can easily find organic, locally grown food and even shop in a retro used book store. Head to Tap Root Public House – self-proclaimed “Alaska’s epicenter of arts and entertainment” – where they host a variety of events like quiz nights, pottery shoes and open mic nights.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Image via Flickr by radargeek

Locals play as hard as they work, active outdoors and in the community. No matter where you stay in Anchorage, you’ll be able to get to festivals, concerts, and live music at nightclubs and restaurants. For a fun bar downtown try Bernie’s Bungalow lounge. The patio in the back makes it perfect for a relaxed evening.

If you’re up for a party, head to the most famous bar in Anchorage: Chilkoot Charlie’s. Also known as ‘Koots’ you’ll find 10 themed bars, three dance floors, and two stages for performances. It can get crowded so get there early to claim your spot on the dance floor.

If neither of these are for you, why not drive away from the bright lights of the city and into more natural illumination? Aurora Borealis, or the northern lights, can be seen from Anchorage. Fall and winter are the best time to see them, though a midnight journey in spring will sort you out as well.

Have you been to Anchorage, Alaska? What did you think?


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    1. Amazing! It seems like a really cool place – freezing in fact! ha. I would love to see the Running of the Reindeer!

    1. I’d never considered Alaska a travel destination before, but writing about it has made me super interested! Thanks for commenting, Tina!

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