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They don’t call Martinique the Isle of Flowers for nothing.

I’ve always thought this was an odd looking flower. Like it was sticking its tongue out at me. But I could never stop staring at them either. They look made of plastic and they grow on these tall, random stalks. You know how Tyra Banks refers to some models as ugly-pretty and alienesque? That’s how I feel about this flower — it’s beautiful in its strangeness.

I feel like Rose de Porcelain flowers need a lot of energy resources to grow this way, which is probably why you’ll never find a field of them, much less more than a few in one area. I found this one at Coeur Bouliki, one of the nicest rivers in Martinique my partner and I visited. It’s a pretty wild little spot in St. Joseph (which is the greenest part of the island for its size) with tall balisiers in the thick brush.

It’s easy to see beautiful plants and flowers in Martinique just by walking around. Of course, if you prefer something a little more structured, you can always go to Jardin de Balata in Fort-de-France – the biggest botanical garden on the island.

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    1. No, that’s totally a good question! Funny enough, I don’t know. I never got too close — I always thought something would jump out and bite me!

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