Habitation Clement
Habitation Clément in Le Francois, Martinique

Part of being Jamaican-Canadian and then spending over a year living in the Caribbean means being a pretty big fan of rum. I’m not much of a drinker, but I started learning about it from a young age. My mom always had a bottle or two of Wray & Nephew’s white rum for soaking her delicious Christmas puddings in. Appleton Estate’s aged rum was a regular fixture at family BBQs – not for the children though!

When I was living in Martinique, I learned a bit more about rum, its origins and its varieties. Martinique has some of the most renowned rhums agricoles in the world and people there are very proud of its quality.

Rum jam, Rhum J.M, Rum maple syrup, Wray & Newphews
All my rum…paraphernalia

What you have above is a bottle of Rhum J.M. Ambré, which is aged for a year in a cognac cask and probably the highest quality rum in Martinique. Next up is the Royal rum jam, which has rum, lime and sugar and tastes like a ‘ti punch in a jar! It doesn’t taste great on toast, but I’m trying to think of a dessert I could use it for. Cupcakes, maybe? Another unique item is the bottle of maple syrup and rum – a perfect combination of my Canadian and Caribbean heritages! I got it at a kiosk at Barrie’s Kempenfest and I intend on using it for everything maple syrup can be used for!

Do you drink rum? Any suggestions or recipes for the rum jam?

EDIT: As it turns out, the rum jam tastes amazing on this gooey cassava and sweet potato cake my mom makes!


2 thoughts on “National Rum Day”

  1. Rum! A spirit I really should drink more of, although the very mention of Wray & Matthews makes me shudder. I remember going to a club in Newcastle with my best friend Cara and our friend Dannii, we were broke, and only had enough money for one shot – we each ordered a shot of Wray & Matthews and chased it down with tap water. It was enough to send us over the edge to tipsy and off onto the dance floor for the night!

    Also, I think rum jam would go well with just a spoon.

    Also (again), let me know when you’ll be in England so we can have a rummy night!

    1. Hey Tom,
      Rum and water? Champion! I could neverrrr. I am super curious as to whether I could get drunk on rum jam though. That would definitely be a blog worthy story.

      I’ll be in Blighty September 28th – partay! Are you going to TBEX?

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