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When it comes to combining all of the things I love into one city, I have to tip my hat to San Diego. It’s the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a balanced vacation any time of the year. You can drink wine, eat food, burn it off by going kayaking or cycling, and relax at a beach or a waterfall. Regardless of what you’re into, you’ll find something to do when you visit San Diego. Here are my top picks.

San Diego Has Great Wine

Like millions of people, I love wine, and lucky for me, San Diego is located at the meeting point of three very different wine regions. Just a 90-minute drive away from the downtown core, you can head to Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico. There are more than twenty wineries to explore, making it perfect for the oenophile who loves to try something new. North of San Diego is Temecula Valley and to the east is Julian, which produce traditional and artisanal wines.

There Are Waterfalls

When the sun is shining San Diegans head to the beach, but I much prefer the relaxing sound of rivers and waterfalls. Enjoy the Three Sisters Falls near the city and Cedar Falls, near Julian. A dip under a waterfall and a picnic is the perfect way to end a hike among wild flowers in the spring and summer time in San Diego.

The Food Is Legendary — and Cheap!

In San Diego, you’re never far away from a mouth-watering meal, and the best part is that they come without the eye-watering prices. If you like Mexican food, you’re in luck. San Diego doesn’t mess around when it comes to honoring their southern neighbours’ cuisine. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried El Zarape’s California burrito, a meaty burrito with added potatoes and avocado. If you’re looking for something lighter, head to Oscar’s Mexican Seafood for their fish tacos on fresh corn tortillas. Once you’re ready for dessert, swing on by Hammond’s for their guava jelly and lychee ice creams. These are just a couple of their exotic flavours to sample.

San Diego Has Excellent Weather Year-Round

There’s nothing I dream about more than ditching my winter clothes, and San Diego keeps the mercury high throughout the year. That means every day is a beach day, and I can put my winter coat into retirement. Despite the heat San Diego is a chill place. Locals keep it casual with their attire and laid-back attitude.

It’s Easy to Stay Active

I was never healthier than when I was living in Martinique, surfing, swimming, walking, and dancing on a regular basis. Guess where in North America I can have that again? That’s right, San Diego. Whether it’s yoga, stand up paddling, rock climbing, or going for a surf in La Jolla cove, San Diego’s got you covered for active things to do in the city.

Have I convinced you of San Diego’s awesomeness yet? If you’re ready to book your trip, you’re in luck because there are hotels in San Diego as cheap as $31 per night!

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