John Lennon wall, things to do in prague, off the beaten path
John Lennon Wall
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Prague is no longer the hidden gem of a European city it used to be. Everyone knows that Prague is the place for beer, architecture, bachelor parties, and of course, more beer! It’s a beautiful and enchanting city overrun by tourists every year. But like all cities that beckon visitors to explore its streets, there are some places that remain under the radar.

For the moments you want to escape the crowds in Prague, these are the places you should check out.

Black Light Theatre

black light theatre, prague, things to do in prague, off the beaten path
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It’s common knowledge that Prague does classical music and puppet theatres particularly well. For those times when you want something a little more alternative, head to one of Prague’s nine black light theatre venues. The performances take place in the dark with dancers performing a quirky mashup of ballet, mime, and acrobatics in glowing costumes.

Be sure to do your research—some people have reported that they paid top dollar for a show that was short and amateur. You can ask your hotel in Prague for a recommendation, but Theatre Broadway, Ta Fantastika, and Srnec Theatre are all reliable venues.

Jan Paukert Delicatessen

Who would have thought that a deli would make it on a list of underrated attractions in Prague? Well, Jan Paukert Deli has been open since 1916, making it one of the oldest running delis in Prague. If you’ve ever eaten chlebíčky, an open-faced Czech sandwich, you have this guy to thank. They sell plenty of different open-faced sandwiches, as well as soups and basic Czech meals at this local establishment on Národní Street.

Jazz Dock

The Jazz Dock in Smichov (district 5) not only offers a lovely view of the Vltava River, it’s also one of Prague’s best spots to catch live music. The venue has made quite the comeback after the floods in 2013 but now it is better than ever. The drinks are a good price and you’ll be entertained into the wee hours of the morning.

The Dancing House (Nationale-Nederlanden Building)

dancing house, prague, things to do in prague, off the beaten path
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This building, designed by Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunić, is one of the most iconic buildings in Prague but is often overshadowed by the Prague Castle and the Astronomical Clock. The building has been nicknamed Fred and Ginger (after Astaire and Rogers) because of the way the building looks like it’s moving—or dancing. Inside you can sit down at the Celeste restaurant, dining with views of the Petřín Hill and the Vltava.

Strahov Monastery

strahov monastery, things to do in prague, off the beaten path
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This monastery in the Castle District was founded in the twelfth century and serves double duty: it was houses an incredible library of old books and manuscripts and it brews its own beer. Rebuilt several times after fires and wars, the monastery is home to a large collection of illuminated books under the beautiful arches of the library. They brew a range of beers and serve up hearty meals. Hanging out here for a few hours is a must—the monastery also houses a basilica, an art museum, the Museum of Miniatures, and the Galerie MIRO.

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