Last week I posted about the 6 places I’m seriously wanderlusting over and I was thinking: based on how I prefer to travel (i.e. slow travel) how will I be able to see all of these places in one lifetime? I like to live abroad, spend time in a place and feel comfortable there and I don’t think “nomadic life” travel is for me (not that I think anything is wrong with it!).

I came across this piece about “lifestyle travel” and I totally related. Last night my partner said to me “Don’t you want to buy a house eventually?” and immediately I thought, Like I want to be tied down to one place. He knows this and he meant an investment property (which yes, yes I would) but still, why don’t I just want to be like everyone else?

In any case, to round the list out at 10, I wanted to talk a little bit about the cities and countries I would like to spend a little more time in than a fleeting visit:

Cayan Tower, tallest twisted tower in the world
Cayan Tower, tallest twisted tower in the world


Ethical problems aside (not that you should ever put those aside) it’s pretty much the richest place on Earth. They push the boundaries and limitations of architecture, physics – hell, even reality! Maybe I would just like to see what it feels like to walk along streets of gold, sleep underwater or go up a twisted tower…

I probably wouldn’t be an expat here, but I would definitely like to spend some time there to get a first-hand understanding of the place. I did see in the Guardian after Christmas that Emirates had some pretty sweet rates on flights to Dubai…

Dunns River Falls, Jamaica
Dunns River Falls, Jamaica


I’m being greedy, having already lived in the Caribbean for over a year…but it’s the land of my family’s birth! In university, I took a number of Caribbean history, politics, and popular culture courses and Jamaica is one of those places that just has to be talked about. Sure, the country has a bit of a PR problem (and a drug problem. And a crime problem), but I’ve always dreamed of spending a few months there at UWI or something, learning more about my heritage and researching my ancestors.

I decided that I will definitely make that dream a reality in the coming years, especially since I found this blog, Sweet Jamaica, about a British expat in Jamaica. I was inspired! Not to mention, my dad owns vacation property on the island and surely we know someone who could hook me up with some employment?!

Carnival in Barranquilla, Colombia
Carnival in Barranquilla, Colombia


I mean, or almost anywhere in South America. I’d love to learn Spanish, eat delicious food, and laze around on the beach. At TBEX, I actually met a number of bloggers who are or were expats in Colombia! Not to mention, my BFF4L a.k.a Vanessa is from here and I just associate it with lots of good vibes. And the movie Colombiana. Yeah, I said it. Sorry – but I really liked that film!

It’s partly Caribbean, the ladies are gorgeous (and I believe that will make me gorgeous by proxy), and it just seems like a really fun place!

Yoga in India
Yoga in India


I’m sensing a trend here – this another place that has often been receiving bad press. Generally, I think that while there are very serious problems there, we’ve just  been inundated with the bad press and we think that bad things are happening all the time. I love the colourful images of the country, and the food in India is something that really interests me – I mean, didn’t you see Rick Stein’s India?! Plus, we all know how I love my food!

India has so many different regions and cultures to explore that I think I would just be spoiled for choice for things to do. I would love to spend a month there and do a proper yoga retreat at a genuine ashram.

Where would you like live abroad?

14 thoughts on “4 More Places I’d Love to Travel To”

    1. Funny, I’m planning a trip there now and I want to do a retreat – thanks for the suggestion, Scott. I’ll be looking into it!

    1. That’s awesome! What were you doing there? I’ve definitely heard mixed reviews of the place, but I suspect it’s a bit different when you visit vs. live there. Do you speak Arabic?

    1. Martinique is awesome, but also very prone to “cabin fever”! Thanks for commenting, Laura. 🙂

  1. Well, I’m actually applying for the British Youth Mobility visa this year so yeah the UK is somewhere I’d like to live abroad 😉 Besides that though I’d LOVE to live in Italy!

  2. I would love to live in Italy! The people, the food, the history!
    I also have had a longstanding love affair with India, but I am having trouble going there. Yeah, they are getting a lot of bad press, but the things being reported are giving me more than a little bit to be concerned about. Hopefully, the bad press will improve things not only for travelers, but for locals as well. Here’s to hoping.


    1. OOh Italy – yes the food! I have serious concerns about the language there. I mean, I speak French fluently and I have a grasp of German and Spanish, but when I look at Italian, I find it incomprehensible!! You make a good point about India – there are a lot of women doing work in women’s rights in India and I suspect things can only get better, with a lot of work of course. Thanks for commenting, Elana!

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